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Pretty Safe Enterprises (PSE)

Pretty SAFE Enterprises provides top quality expert training in First Aid at all levels of certification from the general public to the professional level.

Here at Pretty SAFE Enterprises we take great pride in our accomplishments, and the range of services we are able to provide to our customers.

To date we have literally trained thousands of people just like you to perform first aid and in some cases to teach others these valuable skills.

We are committed to meeting the challenges and needs of our customers and strive to provide the highest level of service and satisfaction.


Pretty SAFE Enterprises, a CRC Training Partner and Instructor Development Center. We have ceased all in person training and public in person engagements. Please click below for on-line course information.

Any Course deposits can be either refunded or applied as a credit to any future PSE course. Send an email to PSE@nl.rogers.com and we will e transfer the refund or mail a check.

All Red Cross first aid certifications and Instructor Certifications (which would have expired March through June 30, 2020) will be considered valid 90-days beyond their expiry date. These certifications will also be accepted for those taking recertification courses when in-person training resumes."

For any inquiries please contact pse@nl.rogers.com or 709-727 4674.

Direct from the CRC

"Canadian Red Cross is aware that in person course cancellations due to COVID-19 precautionary measures and closures and will have an impact on those requiring to maintain their certifications. Red Cross has worked with workplace health and safety regulators to offer support to those who have certifications that will expire in the next months. The Canadian Red Cross takes the health and safety of our personnel and the individuals we serve very seriously. Our top priority is always to ensure that we create safe environments in every respect, and this includes through our Training Partners and Instructors."


Available Resources

Our handwashing poster can be printed and posted in key areas in your facilities.

The First Aid App now has enhanced information on disease transmission and how to reduce your risk during the COVID-19 pandemic. If you already have the app you will see this new information now. The Link is here:


FIRST AID AND CPR BOOKS . I will email anyone for free the PDF for First Aid and CPR and or Child Care First Aid and CPR or the PFA Handbook PDF. Send an email to pse@nl.rogers.com

For a copy of the COMPREHENSIVE GUIDE FOR FIRST AID click the link below:


Further reading

For the most up-to-date information on the virus, including more on the virus symptoms and treatment, please see the coronavirus section on the Public Health Agency of Canada’s website.