Upcoming Courses

Online Training Options

The Canadian Red Cross offers a number of online course options, which can be used to encourage training during this time while supporting the practice of social distancing. Participants looking to complete a first aid recertification or take a blended course in the future can be encouraged to take the time now to complete the online component.

To support this option, we will be offering the online component of our Standard, Emergency, and CPR First Aid courses (normally offered as part of our blended delivery programs) as separate standalone courses.

The online component will issue a confirmation of completion certificate which is good for 90 days. The completion of this online training will also appear in users’ profiles as a type of course which can be verified by their employer.

Participants will be required to compete the in-person training within 90 days of completing the online component, after which they will be issued a 3-year certification. With many individuals postponing in-person training, this will provide a solution to continue supporting education in the short term. These participants will also be confirmed as your customers when in-person training resumes.

Of course, if this situation continues past to 90 days, then this will be extended. Any PSE customer will be invited to take the full classroom course with the amount of the on line portion deducted from the regular fee.

Costs for this on line training and temporary certification card including HST is as follows:

CPR – $20.00
EFA w CPR $45.00
SFA $70.00

When they take their classroom portion the balance of the regular fee can be paid then.

To Register participants need to e transfer the fee to pse@nl.rogers.com use the password CFA2020 and send a separate email with their first and last name or call 727-4674 with a credit card.

We will also email the First Aid and CPR and or Child Care First Aid and CPR PFA Handbook PDF to anyone who wants one for free.


In the current environment, many individuals are experiencing higher levels of stress than usual. Our two online Psychological First Aid Courses, Self-Care and Caring for Others, might offer some support for your employees or customers.

Psychological First Aid teaches how to recognize signs of stress, loss, and grief in yourself and others, and how to help. Learners come away with coping strategies to prevent, identify, and deal with stressful events, a better understanding of the support available to them, and knowledge on how to access specialized support as needed. The Self-Care course also helps individuals build their own self-care plans to manage their mental wellness.

PSE will be offering these 2 separate courses on line for $20.00 each tax included.

To Register participants need to e-transfer the $20.00 to me at pse@nl.rogers.com use the password PFA2020 and send me an email with their first and last name.

They need to indicate if they want the SELF CARE or CARE FOR OTHERS course. If participant take the full in class course at a later date their on line fee will be deducted from their regular fee.