Advanced and Specialty Courses

  Rescue Diver June TBA
  Bouyancy Control June 9 & 11
  Search and Recovery June 9 & 12
  Navigation June 16, 18 & 19
  Night June 16, 17 & 18
  Deep June 23, 25 & 26
  Computer (with deep only) June 23, 25 & 26

Advanced Scuba Diver

The advanced scuba course and the many specialties we offer all all about exploring new places, developing your skills as a diver and gaining new experiences.

By taking a series of courses, you will develop a high confidence in your abilities, learn new things and meet new divers! An advanced diver is a diver that completes the underwater navigation specialty and any three more specialties. So you can pick the path that is most suited to you based on your comfort level and the experience you want.

Diving Specialties

These are just a list of a few of the specialties we offer. If there is something you are interested in - please let us know!

For course costs and to apply for any specialty courses please fill out our application form