2011 Courses

Open Water Course #3 Start April 13
Open Water Course #4 Start May 4
Open Water Course #5 Start May 18
Open Water Course #7 Start June 1

Open Water Scuba Diver

Interested in learning to SCUBA Dive? Take a course from the leaders in SCUBA training in Newfoundland!

At Pretty SAFE Enterprises (PSE) we offer a program that teaches the classroom and pool portion over the winter and ocean dives in the summer when the water is warm and your experience will be more enjoyable!  But don’t worry, before your ocean dives we bring you back into the pool for 2 hours and conduct a “refresher” so everything is fresh in your mind.

Our typical course is one weeknight per week for 4-6 weeks.

Your ocean dives can be scheduled at your convenience between June and September over a single weekend at two local dive sites. 

We offer training through three agencies. Don’t worry, if your aren’t sure which one is right for you, feel free to contact us with any questions, we will be happy to explain the difference.

We at PSE are firm believers in safety first and that in order to dive safely in Newfoundland waters, a little more training is required.  But when you are ready to dive here you will be ready to dive anywhere in the world.

At PSE you receive classroom teaching (unless online teaching is chosen) and more than 8 hours of pool training. You will progress at your individual learning speed and we never have more then 2-3 students to one instructor.

If you need more pool time you simply join the next course at not extra cost to you.   

Our courses are mainly conducted in at the AQUARENA and/or MUN Pool.

We also offer online courses for groups or out of town people. You merely complete the “online or web based theory” program before meeting with your instructor.

Payment plan
The cost is $ 450.00 plus Tax. $58.50 ($508.50 total) 
Course deposits are due as follows:

Our Price includes:

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Open Water Booking Form

Why Dive with us

SCUBA Diver training is your passport to the last and greatest frontier on earth. Three-quarters of the surface of our planet is water. Beneath the waves, very little has been explored. Welcome to this, the diver's universe! It's impossible to describe the thrill of swooping weightlessly from pinnacle to peak over an alien landscape. And make no mistake about it; this is an alien world, from its unusual and unexpected vistas to the strange animals that you will encounter on your underwater adventures.

Professional and progressive training is vital to ensure you are both comfortable and safe as you explore, study, photograph and play. Years ago, SCUBA diving was limited to super-fit daredevils with who risked their lives to make exciting television programs. Advances in SCUBA equipment, dive science and training have opened up the underwater world to anybody in normal physical condition with ordinary swimming ability.

Today's diver needs to be trained in the classroom, the pool, and in the open water with training geared their local dive sites. And that's where we come in, Pretty S.A.F.E. Enterprises (PSE).

PSE is the largest dive-training group in the province and we teach for five different training agencies. We feel that all-important safety depends on your self-confidence in the water, and that comes from a training program like ours. We will train you to be one of our regular diving buddies and that means we are preparing to put our own safety in your hands!

Maybe you think that means we're just be a bunch of bozos who take three times as long as dive shops who claim to be able to train you properly in a weekend or two. But we have the most instructors and dive masters of any organization in our province and train divers up to an including the dive instructor level. Our instructors teach with us because they know this is the right way to teach a scuba course in Newfoundland. We all do it because we believe it’s important for you to get good training.

You will have the ability to do one-on-one pool training in a friendly, SAFE and fun atmosphere. And you'll learn to be a safe, conscientious and confident diver.

How will you know when you are a good diver? Two ways.

When you've finished your course, PSE will give you two kinds of certification. One is the official kind, Open Water Certification that means that you are qualified to dive safely anywhere in the world.

The other certification we'll give you is a simple invitation to come join our group and dive with us. After you successfully complete our course, any one of our club members will be your dive buddy. Dive buddies look after each other in the water, so we'll be offering to put our safety in your hands.

Whether you accept our invitation or not, you will have to go far to find a more sincere endorsement of your SCUBA training.

Yours in SAFE diving,

Michael Pretty
President PSE
Master Trainer Instructor Evaluator